Hygiene & Sanitation

If you run a foodservice operation, you already know how important it is to maintain safe food handling practices in your establishment. You just can't afford to have your customers be exposed to foodborne illness. 

This could cost thousands of dollars, or even put you out of business. To do this properly from the very beginning, we help you with a program to control your F&B safety in all aspects and apply the latest techniques available. We help you with your purchasing department to guarantee that you are receiving only the best quality of the products available. 

We do specific controls and analysis on all food and beverage preparation; as well, we pay special attention to food and beverage storage, temperature defrosting process, staff hygiene and practices, critical analysis of F&B stock rotation, recommendations in water purification, industrial safety programs in F&B preparation and equipment cleaning controls, including your kitchen disposals and proper storage. 

Permanently, we use highly recommended well-known companies to support us in the latest knowledge and techniques and how to prevent incidents related to incorrect manipulation of Food and Beverage. We think Hygiene is one of the most important aspects in the Hospitality Industry. Hospitality impact offers you the very best foodservice sanitation training available. Our professional trainers use a variety of teaching methods and exercises to facilitate learning. 

We offer the Cristal and also the ServeSafe Food Protection Manager Training. and certification developed by the National Restaurant Association. The training meets the mandated regulations for Food Protection Manager Certification.

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